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What if you had the know-how and tools to repeatedly, reliably, and independently choose the right hires, eliminating performance nightmares and mismatched individuals all while putting an end to ongoing dependence on those high-priced consultancies?

What impact would this know-how have on your bottom line, your future, and the future of your employees?

For over four decades, the 15dots team has been perfecting the tools and precise methods that elevate employee selection success well above the industry norm.

And we're not just talking a
slight incremental improvement. We're talking about a dramatic improvement in employee selection and retention.

For the first time, you can now master the skills that change the game. How?

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This is the only service that trains your team to consistently select and hire the right personnel
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15dots Trains You To...



Why Employers No Longer Take Chances With Employee Selection

Gaining an Unfair Advantage Over Our Competition

"The quality of the people selected with the 15dots process became our key competitive advantage."

Ronald N. Stern, President

A productivity
increase of 41%

"We used the process to restart a mill. The results (with 80 less employees than prior mill staffing) were:

  • Productivity increase of 41%
  • Zero lost time accidents for the first 3 years
  • Doubled productivity in the first 10 years of operation with little or no capital investment"

Brian Konen, Chief Operating Offices

Turning Employees
Into Star Performers

"The process greatly increased employee engagement, inclusion, and made my job a whole lot easier. Now, nine out of ten people turn out to be well above average employees. The people we hired using this process were able to learn their jobs quickly and successfully move up to higher level jobs."

HR Manager, Large Mill in Mid-Atlantic

Putting an End to
"Turnstile Hiring"

“We were facing the turnover of 50+% of the workforce through retirement within a five-year period. Without this process we may not have survived. With it, we thrived.”

Bill McPherson, Operations Manager

How We Saved $700,000

"We used the 15dots process to staff our new paper machine and the start-up curve was almost 40% better than planned. Estimated start-up costs were $1.6 MM. The actual costs were $900k (We saved $700,000.)"

Bill Boatwright, HR Manager

The Proven Selection Process That Stands
Up in Court

"We used a combination of performance data analysis and a rigorous selection process to restaff a large paper mill in the south. The procedures resulted in a federal court case in which the company prevailed in a summary judgement."

Jerry Hogland, Mill Manager


"I would emphatically recommend its implementation and appropriate use to any organization seeking a comprehensive and time-tested employee selection system to identify and maximize its most valuable resource (people)."

R. J. Roberts, HR Manager -- Ainsworth Corp., Boise-Cascade, & Potlatch

Ensuring a Flawless Startup

"We were investing $500 MM in a new machine and the only way we were going to do so was if the Union endorsed using the 15dots process to select/transfer employees … results a flawless start-up."

Mill Manager, Large West Coast Mill

Above Average Performers Have Become Our New Normal

"We follow their laser-precise process to the letter and get the promised results. Since 2008, over 80% of the new hires have been evaluated as above average job performers."

Barb May, HR Professional



The 15dots Team
15dots - Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn

For over three decades, Mike has worked tirelessly, internally as a Human Resources Manager and externally as a consultant, perfecting the tools and precise methods to take the guesswork out of employee selection.

The reason is simple: He couldn’t live with (nor could the companies he worked for) the standard of a 60% success rate.

He’s studied, isolated, and perfected the capability to teach individuals and teams the exact steps and procedures to repeatedly, reliably, and independently replicate this process.

The result … organizations can now achieve a 90% success rate and eliminate the pain associated with bad hires.

15dots - Joe Nowlin

Joe Nowlin

Joe Nowlin earned his doctorate from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

During the past 40 years, Joe has designed, tested, and installed proprietary and unmatched selection procedures for manufacturing organizations, transforming and revolutionizing: the way they do business, their level of success in hiring personnel, and the methods to replicate his results.

He has now adapted these proprietary systems for use in medium-sized and smaller organizations.

New Kent, VA 23124
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