How Companies Are Making Smarter Employee Selection Decisions

15dots is the only service that trains your team to consistently select and hire the right personnel that will excel, and removes the guesswork and "gut instinct" associated with unreliable old-school selection approaches.


15dots - Employee Job Analysis Training

Employee Job Analysis

This is the rock-solid foundation that supports our proven and effective hiring methodology. Our 15dots® Selection Process Technical Report illustrates how all the pieces in the 15dots Selection Process work together so you deliver hires that meet your needs and the requirements of fair employment laws.


15dots - Virtual Structured Board New Hire Interview Training

Virtual Structured
Board Interview Training

Need to get people trained to do effective interviews and can’t fill a class of 16-20? Virtual Structured Board Interview training is our expert-led program providing actual hands-on interview practice for groups of 4, 8, or 12. Participants leave with a standard process, the tools, and the confidence to be effective interviewers.


15dots - HR Employee Selection Decision-Making Workshop

Employee Selection
Decision-Making Workshop

Hiring is more than just an interview and the old reliable "gut instinct." Learn and practice the proven key techniques used by employee selection experts. The Selection Decision-Making workshop provides participants with the tools to transform hiring, training, and sustainable job success.


15dots - Employee Selection & Hiring Process Health Checks

Employee Selection Process
Health Checks

Are your hiring results average (or below average) with some hits and even more misses? Use the 15dots Selection Process health check as the catalyst to provide the insights and practices that transform your selection results from ordinary to extraordinary. Eliminate the old guard of going with your gut.


15dots - Suite Spots(tm) Pinpoint Top Performers

Suite Spots™ Pinpoint
Top Performers Without Bias

The Suite Spots™ Process allows you to do a systematic, objective performance assessment for a department, team, or business unit.  This allows you to make organizational adjustments without the subjective factors that often compromise the effectiveness of individual and organizational assessments.


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